ChargeHub 5-Port Charger

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When we travel we need to make sure our devices are charged, but picking out a good travel charging station can be tough. We’ve rounded up the 10 best travel charging stations you should consider to help you power your next trip.

Saferell Wireless Charging Station

The Saferell Wireless Charging Station is a great option for solo travelers who just need to charge their everyday carry gear. This wireless charging station has a spot for your phone, Apple Watch or other smart watch, and your AirPods. It has a unique and elegant smart charging indicator around the bottom of the device. The LED will do a breathe effect to let you know it’s charging your gear, so it’s clear whether your devices are properly aligned on the charging station. It comes with a USB Type-C power cable and an 18W adapter to plug it into the wall with.

The ChargeHub 5-Port Charger

ChargeHub 5-Port Charger
ChargeHub 5-Port Charger

The ChargeHub X5 is a 5-port USB charging station that allows you and your travel buddies to share a power supply. It offers SmartSpeed technology that provides optimal charging for virtually any USB device. When powered, a blue LED indicator light and underglow light effect illuminates the ChargeHub device, acting as an added nightlight. This single power source eliminates excess cables to maintain a neat and organized space for charging. For those wanting color options, the ChargeHub is available in black, white, blue, red, green, orange, pink, and purple. For those needing to charge more USB devices at one time, ChargeHub offers a 7-port charger. The ChargeHub X5 receive the Best of CES 2016 Award by iPhone Life Magazine.

Vogek 6-Port USB Desktop Charging Station with Smart Identification

The Vogek 6-Port USB Desktop Charging Station is a stylish charger that provides enough ports to charge your whole family’s devices while being small enough to fit conveniently in your bag or purse. The charger identifies the type of device and adapts the amount of power depending on what your device requires. The built-in LED indicator communicates device connection clearly, and the 4.65-foot power cable means you have enough cord length to plug it in anywhere. This charger is also UL, FCC, CE, and RoHS certified, so it’ll be safe to use anywhere in the world. It also comes in five colors, so you’re able to match it to the rest of your travel accessories!

Udoli USB Charging Station with AC Outlets

The Udoli Charging Station is a compact all-in-one charging dock that features 2 standard AC outlets. Smart chipset prevents overcharging and overheating. Charge your tablets and phones on the Charging Station, no more searching for outlets, lighting cables, and plugs everywhere. Perfect for home, dorm room, office, community, and more places.

The SIIG Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station

The SIIG 90W Smart 10-Port USB Charging Station can hold up to 10 devices at the same time and features a non-slip padded deck and LED ambient light. The SIIG charging station automatically detects your USB devices and distributes the perfect charge to each charging device individually. Each of the 10 ports provides up to 2.4A maximum power output. Charging will automatically stop when the battery is full. Multiple over-current, over-voltage, over-charge, and short-circuit safety protections are built in to safeguard all of your connected devices. It comes with an FCC, RoHS certificate, and UL-certified power adapter. Worldwide AC 100-240V input voltage

Poweradd 50W 6-Port Desktop Charger

The Poweradd 50W 6-Port Desktop Charger offers auto-detect technology, automatically identify the current of your devices, whichever port can charge your devices at their fully intended speed up to 10A max. The unique dock station design, keeping your tablets or phones in position while charging. It has a wide input voltage range of AC 100-240V, compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices. Built-in intelligent circuitry ensures safe use for all your devices. Multiple protection systems provide device safety for protection from over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuiting.

Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger

The Photive 60 Watt 6 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger is a 6-port 60 Watt 12 Amp Rapid USB Wall charger. This 60-watt charger has revolutionized charging. Intelligent USB ports will communicate and recognize the device it is plugged into and will provide the fastest possible charging speed. With a total of 6 USB ports and a total output of 60 watts, this charger is optimized to charge nearly any USB device. It will reduce the clutter of tangled cords and chargers in your home or office, and it’s perfectly-sized for travelers.

Wyness Quick Charge USB Desktop Charging Station

The Wyness Quick Charge USB Desktop Charging Station has a total of 6 charging ports with a range of outputs on the ports to charge any of your devices safely. The top two ports are 0.5A, the middle two are 1.0A, and the remaining two are a 2.4A port and a fast charging 3.0 USB port. The 5-foot power cable makes it easy to place where you need it without worrying the cable will be too short. It also uses smart charging to vary the voltage to ensure that your devices and the charger won’t overheat while you’re powering them up.

ZIKU 3 in 1 Foldable 15W Wireless Charging Station

If you need an ultra-portable wireless charging station able to charge multiple devices, look no further than the ZIKU 3 in 1 Foldable 15W Wireless Charging Station. The charging station folds up to be about the size of a wallet when not in use, and will charge a range of devices including your phone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. It’s small size makes it great for tossing in a carry-on when you want to travel light!

NTONPOWER Wall Plug Power Strip Charger

The NTONPOWER Wall Plug Power Strip Charger can be used at home and is slim enough to fit into luggage for traveling. It not only charges USB devices but also features AC Outlets and a nightlight. The lip on the edge offers a place to rest your phone on while it is charging. It measures 8″ long by 2″ wide so is compact enough for travel. Plug the unit into any regular wall outlet and you have instant access to 3 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, a nightlight, and a smartphone stand.